The Outsider Team

The Outsider team is small but mighty.
  • Kaeleigh

    Co-founder of Outsider- From the very beginning Kaeleigh has been a part of the ideation process that has taken the Outsider dream and made it a reality since all the way back in 2018. Kaeleigh began exploring the world of craft beer in college. Throughout those last years at college in Greensboro, she was inspired by the craft community around her to pursue a career in the brewing industry.

    She graduated and moved to Charlotte where she had the humblest of beginnings as a draft line cleaner. Determined to make a true career, she honed her knowledge of beer and sensory skills. She was able to move up into beer sales where she worked through the pandemic to keep the good stuff flowing.

    In her sales role, Kaeleigh saw the other pieces of the puzzle that make the craft beer world work. Not just what making great beer means, but what the market is about and how the business of beer works. Simultaneously she began working on her Consumer & Sensory Science certificate from UC Davis so that she could develop the skills to take her passion to the next level by applying science to tasting beer.

    Kaeleigh believes in "infectious curiosity" and is adamant that the best place to start is to build a brewery that makes everyone feel welcome and inspired.

  • Tony J

    Brewer and Bartender- Tony spent his early years in Tijuana, Baja California. He immigrated to the states to study mechanical engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno where he obtained both bachelor's and master's degrees.

    After a few years working as a patent engineer and as a professor in MD, he decided to switch paths and joined the craft beer industry. He started from square one, working behind the bar and on the packaging line at a two breweries in VA. Not one to stay still for long, he decided that he was going to take it to the next level. He joined the Fall ‘21 cohort for a DEI BA Mentorship which provided him with an opportunity to complete a brewing program from eCornell.

    Now, as part of the Outsider team, you can find Tony behind the bar talking about making music, skating, or just about anything else in between.

  • Julian

    Co-founder of Outsider- Julian caught the brewing bug at the young age of 17, brewing batches in his basement and from there fell in love with beer & brewing and never looked back. After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, he moved to Vancouver for his first brewing gig. In those years, he learned how brewing is more than just making good beer, but also sharing it with others.

    He eventually moved to North Carolina and became a head brewer at the age of 23. It was during that time he first began dreaming of a way to showcase the beauty of brewing & beer to people. The first iterations of the glass system were born in 2017 and very small; it was taken on hikes, to parks, and rock climbing fields. He brewed small batches as hikers & climbers passed by and answered their questions about what the heck he was doing. After this proof of concept, he began working on designing a full-blown commercial glass brewing system, and Outsider Brewing was born.

    You can now find him at the taproom brewing, excited to be answering any & all of your questions, and pouring pints behind the bar.