Craft Studio Sessions

Craft Studio Sessions are a revolution in collaborative brewing.This series beginning in November 2022 provides a platform for the most passionate brewers to show the world why they brew and what each hand-selected ingredient in a recipe does to create a one of a kind beer. For the first time, the collaboration brew is on full display and open to the public.

This is the first Craft Brewing Studio in Asheville. Our guests can expect a full day live brewing event that provides a never before seen peak behind the curtain of a real craft brewing collaboration.

About the Sessions

We are taking our mission to the next level. We are very excited to announce the launch of our craft studio project. We are opening our brewhouse up to the world so that our dream can go beyond our 4 walls. The Craft Studio Sessions are live collaboration brews with brewers you love showing you in real time why they brew, what ingredients they care about, and what it’s really like to brew a beer from start to finish. Peak behind the curtain and get a glimpse of the passion that makes the craft revolution so powerful. These collaborations are for everyone, from craft curious to professional brewer.

Our mission is to build craft beer culture from the ground up. The Craft Studio Sessions are a chance for us all to build it together. Craft breweries who participate are committing to do their part in creating a sustainable future for the craft of brewing.


The Craft Studio

Our Brewhouse is designed to change the way you see craft beer. As thousands of people have already found out for themselves, we have taken this opportunity to make the brewing process part of our taproom experience. Our system is placed in the center of our taproom on an elevated platform. Each part of the process is broken down into its most basic form and given its own completely transparent vessel, so that following the brewing process step by step is easy and intuitive.

  • Riverbend Malt x DSSOLVR

    The Smoked Dunkelweizen

  • The Beery Godmother

    The Bloody Butcher Blended Saison

  • Botanist & Barrel

    Outcider: A Wild Ale fermented with funky cider yeast

  • Oklawaha x 12 Bones

    The Belgian Tripel

  • Flowermouth Coffee Roasters

    The Coffee 100% Brett

  • RAD Brewing

    Appalachian Dragon Dark Belgian Rye Table Ale

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The Batch

This brew in the craft studio is a pilot batch and one of the first steps in the creative process that leads to a one-of-a-kind full scale beer that will end up on tap at both participating breweries and even beyond.

With millions of combinations of ingredients and variables, you’ll see why and how brewers built the recipe and understand how those combinations work together to make incredible beer. This is more than a collaboration. It’s a commitment to making the craft beer world even better by taking the time to slow the process down and show our craft to the world.

Join us in celebrating our craft at one of our studio sessions. Check our calendar for upcoming sessions and let your favorite breweries know that you want to see them on stage at the studio doing what they do best.