Cooperative Mission

Craft brewing is more than beer. It's a process by people. We work together to make the right amount of beer, not as much as we can, and for that, we dream of a future where we can make a fair living for fair work. Our cooperative model ensures that we are brewing the way we need to brew, not for the return of any investor. That means no cutting corners, no rushing, no tricks. Just balanced beer for our community.

Our Mission

Outsider was started to change the way you see craft beer by providing an unparalleled insight into the brewing process. We aim to make craft brewing intuitive and accessible for everyone.

Our Core Values


We believe in building relationships between our community and local agriculture. Our goal is to be the connection between the beer in your glass and the love and passion it took to get it there.


Everyone deserves to understand and see what goes into what they love. We strive to provide that window into craft brewing. Every great relationship begins with trust. We are building that trust by sharing the entire craft process with you all.


At Outsider, we take a stand against exclusivity. Our dream is to open up this craft to everyone. The future of beer is much brighter when everyone has a chance to take part.


There's nothing wrong with not knowing. We are here to support curiosity and the want to know more. The future of craft is going to be built by the curious. We are on that journey and we are taking you with us.

Why We Brew

We believe that brewing is extraordinary. It always has been and always will be. We believe that you deserve a personal relationship with the craft and ingredients in the beer you love to drink.

The brewing process has changed the lives of thousands of brewers in this country already and will continue to do so as long as we find new ways to reach people and reveal the beauty of the process in a relatable way.

What goes into beer can seem complex, but when you have a chance to look closer, it consists of a few humble elements that all come together to make a simple, but beautiful beverage.

From the farmers to the maltsters, to the brewers and the bartenders, passion is what keeps this craft alive. We are here to showcase that passion, shine a light on the process, and make it approachable to everyone.