Honey Belgian Blonde

6% ABV- September is National Honey Month!

Countless bees have been working hard driving our agriculture forward and in the process, making that liquid gold we know and love.

This year, the local Pink Boots Society chapter and the national honey board joined forces to brew a Belgian Honey beer here at the Craft Studio.

A classic champagne-like Trappist Belgian yeast character accentuates the bready pilsner and local wheat malt from Riverbend Malt.

But the star of the show is the 15 pounds of local wildflower honey from just a few miles away at Dry Ridge Bee Supply added late in the brewing process to preserve the honey character through the fermentation.

The finished product is an example of local agriculture, science, and the celebration of craft from start to finish. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will support the Pink Boots Society as they provide resources and scholarships for women and non-binary individuals in the fermentation industries.
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