Bloody Butcher Blended Saison

6% ABV- The culmination of a great collaboration with the one and only Beery Godmother. Two Saisons, same base recipe, fermented with totally different yeasts, and then blended together and tank conditioned. 

Our house mixed culture is tried and true for a clean clove and bubblegum profile. Combine that with a Sacc Trois primary batch and we have a full spectrum of tropical fruit to earthy spice.

The Riverbend bloody butcher corn is the heart of this beer. Bloody Butcher Corn is an heirloom variety that traces its roots to 1840s Virginia. This dent corn gets its name from the fact that what starts as a white corn when young, develops a deep blood red color as it matures on the stalk. However, bloody butcher is not simple to grow and due its lower yield per acre, many farmers transitioned away from bloody butcher to more productive varieties. Now with the help of brewers, distillers, and educated consumers, this unique and sustainable varietal is making a comeback in a big way.

We were delighted to have a guest collaborator for this Craft Studio Session. The Beery Godmother is an Atlanta based beer educator, influential in the world of social media, on a mission to demystify the world of beer through beginner friendly weekly informational videos. Follow her on instagram @thebeerygodmother to stay in the know!

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